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Coping stones from London Stone

Coping stones, also called capstones are utilized in the capping of free standing walls. The term coping refers to the process of covering or capping a wall. Coping may be done in two different ways, this includes a splayed or wedged coping that slopes in a single direction and a saddle coping that slopes both sides of a central point. According to Romanesque architecture, coping works used to appear plain and flat. It was projected on the wall forming a drip by throating.

 The coping stones are important for the protection of the wall against severe weather damage. The stones can also be used to give the wall an aesthetically pleasing finish. Coping stones can also be designed to complement any concrete pave stone pedestrian application. Other uses for coping stones include coping swimming pools, decorative patio borders and step treads. Coping stones are capable of providing confidence that the edge profile will parallel with the finished product paving surface.

Materials used in the manufacture of coping stones include concrete mix with no slump. The manufacturing conditions include high pressure together with high-frequency vibration, thus, giving the coping stones absolute strength that goes beyond 8000psi. The stones also have a water absorption maximum of 5 percent and can be bought direct from the supplier’s website

How are coping stones installed?

  • The concrete bond beam is required to be extremely clean and free from dirt or any contaminant material that may interfere with the placement of the bedding material for the coping stone.
  • The coping stone is then placed on a setting base over a prepared concrete bond beam, concrete slab or a sub-base. The bedding agents may include mortar, sand, bitumen and adhesive.
  • The coping stones are placed according to the plans and drawings. Sand and mortar may be applied for filling the joints. The joints should be raked to a required depth. Cleaners to be used should be acid based.
  • The installer should also ensure that the coping units are level from unit to unit. A sealant may be needed in pool coping applications to be applied to the paving joints and the adjacent pool deck pavement materials.

Things To Follow While Building Your Home

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