About Memory Foam

Natural VS. Synthetic: Learn More About Memory Foam

When the time comes to purchase a new foam mattress, there are two primary types people have to choose from: latex and memory foam. While latex mattresses are known for their low cost and mostly natural materials, memory foam mattresses are strictly synthetic.

The cushion filling in memory foam mattresses have a reputation of being more comfortable than latex mattresses. Memory foam provides an individual with instant pressure relief and support; the mattress conforms to a person’s body every time they move, and increases blood flow. Additionally, memory foam improves sleep for those who share a bed with another person; it reduces the amount of motion others feel when someone beside them is moving around.

However, the chemicals used to ensure comfort, shape retention, and softness in memory foam are harsh. According to The Foam Factory, low quality foam exudes a bad odor and it’s highly combustible. It’s even been linked to respiratory issues, as well as eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation. Some toxic chemicals found in memory foam include isocyanates and formaldehyde. Isocyanate, for example, has been directly linked to asthma and chest pains.

In regards to mattress replacement, natural latex mattresses tend to last longer than memory foam. On average, memory foam only lasts a few years. When the foam conforms to a person’s body, the heat reaction that occurs in the foam will begin to break down the cells. While the physical appearance of the memory foam may look the same, the mattress’s ability to provide pressure relief and support to an individual will decrease over time.