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How to Host the Perfect Dinner Party

Hosting the perfect dinner party is a fun evening, it involves you catching up with your friends over some great food and drink (and all credit goes to you). However, it can be quite stressful – especially if it’s your first ever dinner party. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a few tips that’s should hopefully get you through the evening without a hitch.

Cater to everyone

It’s important to prepare for your dinner party before the actual event as you want to make sure that you have catered to everyone. Ask if any of your guests have any allergies (particularly to gluten, dairy or nuts) or if there are any vegetarians attending, you should also ask if there are any foods that your guests don’t like. The last thing that you want is for your guests to go hungry because they can’t eat the meal that you have cooked for them. Remember to ask your guests about drink preferences too. Do they want alcohol? If so, what alcohol do they like? Make sure that you have tea and coffee on hand too for after the meal.

Presentation is key

There’s nothing worse than going somewhere to eat and not feeling like it is clean or well presented. Good presentation can help set the mood. Set your table with napkins (essential for messy eaters) the correct cutlery, a table cloth, placemats and a table centre piece. Ensure that the centre piece is not too big, you could have flowers, candles (go for non-scented) or an ornament that you like just make sure that your guests can still see over it. You don’t want them to be stretching their necks trying to talk to one another. Make sure that the room that your holding your dinner party in is clean and tidy, tables and chairs should be wiped down and carpets hovered.


Your entertainment will depend on your guests. If you’re holding a formal dinner party then you might want to avoid drunken games of Jenga, yet if it’s just you and some close friends you might love a game of Jenga – choose what works best for you, your guests and the occasion. Some light music in the background is always a great way to create a good atmosphere as long as it’s to everyone’s taste. Try not to be in the kitchen to much too, if you can, prepare everything as early as possible so that you can spend quality time with your guests. It will be awkward and possibly boring for them if they’re stuck at the table alone waiting for you to finish the dishes which can be done the next morning.

Cook what you know

I would not recommend cooking something completely new on the day of your dinner party. You’ll only end up stressed and running around like a headless chicken which is really not what you want and the chances of it being successful are slim (ever the pessimist). Instead cook something that you are comfortable with and that doesn’t take up too much time.

What’s the best dinner party that you’ve ever been to?

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