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Allstate Roofing is full-service roofing company in Phoenix which is owned and operated by a local family. This company was established in the year of 2001 by Chad and Kathy Thomas. The field of the company is about services a couple of aspects which are related to roofing project for both the commercial and residential industries. Allstate Roofing is the perfect option for those of you who want to repair or install your roofing system.

For those of you who live in Mesa AZ and have home at least 15 years old, it is perfect for you to service your roofing with the brand new and high-quality one. There are a couple of reasons why hiring roofing Mesa AZ as the high-quality roof contractor including high air conditioning costs, improper roof ventilation, damaged or broken roof tiles, and ceiling leaks.

The Allstate Roofing has more than 25 years of experience in the roofing business, so they know how to maintain their clients and grab more of them with learning a couple of latest roofing techniques and also materials. They offer roofing team which is well-trained that is one of the most highly-rated roofing Mesa AZ companies. The goal of the company is providing affordable and honest product and also maintaining quality and integrity of a product.


For those of you who need the best roofing Mesa AZ contractor, there are a couple of things that you have to consider. First of all, you have to check if the company handles a couple of types of roofs. And then you have to well-informed if they have years of experience with shingle, tile and other kinds of roof materials. After that, you have to know that they are a reputable contractor which has good reviews. All you need for your roofing problems is on the Allstate Roofing. This company is a full-service contractor which has years of experience on every type of roof and comes with a couple of positive reviews from their clients. They will make you satisfy with their work that they have done for their home, and reputation is the thing that they have built for the last couple of years. On the BBB, this company is an A+ rated company which comes with more than 25 positive reviews. For those of you want to hire roofer which is top rated in order to handle your building or house, Allstate Roofing is the better option for you.

The Owners Story

Chad Thomas was Arizona born and raised since 1972. He first introduced his roofing business at the age of 15 years old. He learns roofing industry from his father who was also born and raised in Arizona. His father was one of the first license holders of roofing business in the state. Roofing is in their blood. Chad has been worked by a couple of different roofing contractors in Phoenix since he began his own roofing business. At first, he worked for the residential roofing company that was owned by his father in the year of 1988 while he was still at the school. After he graduated from school, he worked at one of the biggest commercial roofing companies in the valley. He became production manager where he took all of the responsibilities of day to day operations. In the year of 1998, he worked for another commercial roofing company in order to spread his wings and enhance more experience in the industry of commercial roofing.

In the year of 2001, he found his own commercial and residential roofing license to be able to begin his roofing company. He has a skill and knowledge about the industry of roofing that is why Allstate Roofing is the best in the industry. This company will treat their clients until they will satisfy. Pay attention to detail is the first thing in order to get the job done properly.

Allstate Roofing Company offers a couple of services to both commercial and residential roofing industry. They provide the high quality or products and staff in order to meet that needs of clients. They are always looking for the better way in order to make their clients happy. They specialize in all aspects of roofing process.